During covid we just assumed that work would slow down….. during the two weeks it did actually slow down we decided to out an extension on our home.

With our growing family we just needed a little more all year round space, so we decided to enclose our patio.

Our patio was about 6m x 5m so it would give us a lot more space, actually a little more than double our current living space.

We were so excited, now to plan the room. We already knew we would plasterboard the ceiling, adding in down lights and ceiling fans. We install stud walls, insulate and plasterboard the walls.

We wanted lots of natural light, so lots of glass. We decided on large windows and triple sliding door to the backyard and bifolds to section of the new area to the old for entertaining.

So now it was just what exactly did we want the use of the room to be. What furniture would we be keeping and what would we need to buy.

The fun stuff!
I decided to keep our 4m long lounge and have it recovered in a faux tan leather (which I love!!) I used Eastwood Tan from Warwick fabrics. It feel great and looks great too. I’ve always wanted a tan coloured lounge so that set the tone for the room.

As the lounge was so long I thought I would compliment it with an equally long table. I found beautiful recycled teak table at Pot Mango in Balcatta, it had the black metal base I was after and had a been stained a little darker with black resin in the gaps. I loved it! What I loved the most, I think, was the width it is quite narrow means means we still have room to move around the table. It seat 14, but I usually have it set for 10. it was a bargain at $1800.

A few weeks later I went back and purchased a bench seat that I use as my coffee table, it was only $250!

Dining chairs can be a very expensive item. I looked chairs from anywhere from $40 – $400 each . I just wanted a simple black metal chair to match the base. I ended up finding them at Kmart for $32 each, so I got 14…haha

Shane and I really wanted the warmth of timber flooring so we decided on an NSW Blackbutt timber, it’s so lovely with a slight pink tone. I can’t wait to see how it ages. Shane layed this himself, because he is so clever.

Paint colour was easy we are still really enjoying the colour Dulux Unforgettable, which we have through the common areas. As we have marble tiles throughout we need to be able to tone in the new warmth with the existing cooler tone, which I think this colour does.

Shane built an entertainment unit a few years ago and it is still in great condition so we have moved that into that space and de-cluttered it only displaying things that are beautiful and important to us.

Really that is all the furniture we wanted out there, we were wanting a minimalist space to hang out in to watch a movie and entertain friends.

Now that I had stolen the lounge and the ETU from the existing room, this was now bare. We also moved the existing dining table out as we didn’t need both.

I have also always wanted a velvet lounge!! and with green being my favourite colour I thought I would treat myself to a special treat. Good god I love this lounge it’s a darker hunter green colour and it is so luxurious. I’m working on letting people sit on it… lol In front of the lounge is a creamish rug and we have recovered a small armchair in a lovely fabric I found at work – off cut so I don’t’ know the name.

We are so happy with the way it all turned out, it has given us so much more space for Maizey to play and for us all relax in a minimalist space.

Please see below for the trades used for the project

Total spend approximately: $20k

Ceiling plastering and painting: Plasterline 0409 937 588

Alternative doors and windows: 0459 992 444

Electrics: Max Electrical 0426 207 634

Flooring: Woodpecker Flooring  (08) 6142 1511

Upholstery and timber restoration: The Furniture Doctor 08 9201 2039

Green velvet lounge: Nick Scali

Dining table: Pot Mango Balcatta (08) 9240 4847

Dining chairs: Kmart


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